Mademoiselle Bolyen by Robin Maxwell
Taken from the back of the book:
When young Anne Boleyn is send to the French court with her father and sister, Mary, she thinks she’s in for an innocent adventure. But when the ambitious ambassador Thomas Boleyn leads them into the highly sophisticated and sexually permissive court of Francois I, Anne quickly learns that she and her sister are merely pawns for their father’s own political purpose. Mary becomes mistress to the outrageous French king and is ultimately seduced into his dangerous world by the luxuries of the court. But Anne will have a different fate…
Anne is younger, more clever, and stronger-willed than her sister, nd with the guidance of powerful allies and such unlikely friends such as Leonardo da Vinci, she learns how to navigate the challenges, passions, and betrayals of the court. And as she grows into a beautiful women, Anne undergoes her own awakening, each daring exploit taking her one step closer to the life that is her destiny.
I found this novel quite intriguing. So much so that I’ve sought out (and put on hold) other books on the Boleyn Sisters. My favorite part probably was Anne’s games of cards with the King - a seductive game of strip poker, but her intention wasn’t quite what the King had in mind. Anne is such a strong character from beginning to end, just making the book easier to read. With the scandal, sex, betrayal, religion as well as the compelling characters that were Mary and Anne, it’s no wonder they created a movie surrounding the family. I’m still waiting to read at least one more book before Netflixing the movie to watch. I’m sure I’ll be disappointed, because I can’t remember ever seeing a movie that was near as good as a book.