Book Review: Rosethorn by Ava Zavora

Title:  Rosethorn
Author: Ava Zavora
Publication Date: May 1, 2013
Genre: Young Adult/New Adult
Find the Book:  Goodreads / Kindle

Synopsis (from Goodreads): 
Rosethorn is a breathtaking debut novel of love lost and found again that culminates in a stunning end you won't soon forget.

"I know I could be happy with someone else . . . But it was decided a long time ago. It was always going to be you."

From Morocco to Paris, Sera has traveled the world over but she never forgot Rosethorn, the beautiful, abandoned mansion where she and Andrew used to meet for trysts. Until the day Sera found her mother's diary. Sera's obsession with the shocking secrets it contained tore them apart and sent Sera fleeing to New York with a devastated heart.

10 years later, Sera revisits Rosethorn, only to run into Andrew, all grown up and handsomer than ever. Politeness gives way to a heated confrontation over their painful past. Yet unable to resist each other's lure, both surrender to the undying power of first love.

Fate has brought them together once again, but will an old tragedy destroy Sera and Andrew's second chance - forever?

My Review:   

I have read quite a few Indie (or Self-published) books in the last few weeks.  I want to support these artists, because there are some truly talented people out there, however my experience is that most of these authors could really use some practice…or lots of practice…or not quit their day job.  But then there’s Rosethorn Rosethorn is WHY I read Indie books.  I have found the diamond in the rough, and I am pleased to be able to introduce you to this book.
As you can imagine from my introduction, I was a bit reluctant to start reading Rosethorn.  I had said I would review it, so I was going to – but I was anxious about having committed myself to possibly having to be polite about a book that wasn’t great.  (I don’t like ripping people’s artwork to shreds, you know…that’s not my style.)  So when I finally opened the book – within the first paragraph I knew, I just knew this was going to be good.  Ava Zavora’s writing is almost like poetry.  She takes every paragraph, every scene seriously as she draws you a picture and plops you right down in the middle of it.  But it’s not too much!  It’s not overly flowery or so many words that you can’t see the story for the description.  I immediately was sucked in to Seraphina’s life and could hardly put down the book wanting more.  Her story was perfectly seamless, even when she jumped between past and present and even between characters a bit. 
Rosethorn, in the end, ends up being two and a half stories twined into one beautiful piece of art – they all relate and are relevant in the dynamic.  I will say, if you are an action junkie – and are waiting for the suspense of danger or some shocking  drama…this isn’t your book.  This book is about all-encompassing passion, and long-lasting love, and betrayal and a bit of forgiveness.  It’s about selfishness, and selflessness, and a touch of innocence.  The dynamic of the characters is vast, and you’ll love some of them and not like (maybe even hate) others.
While this book would likely fall into the “New Adult” category, despite the “all-encompassing passion” I spoke of, this book is not stuffed full of sex scenes.  It is actually rather clean when it comes to the act itself.  It’s the emotions she writes about, and let me tell you, it’s beautiful.  Honestly, when I want a little romance in my reading diet, this is what I’m looking for.  I want to fall in love for the first time all over again, and that is the exact experience that I got.  I am very happy I took a chance on Rosethorn.  I look forward to reading more from Ava Zavora, because I can just tell she has more great stories to share!


Unknown said...

Anita - THANK YOU so much for this lovely and insightful review!

Unknown said...

Anita, THANK YOU so much for this lovely and insightful review!